Roguelikes for PalmOS

mission: to port roguelike games to PalmOS devices.

~ News ~

August, 2006 - I've converted the website from tables to CSS for a cleaner look, and fixed any dead external links. (Games maintenance? Maybe when the kids are sleeping through the night, for which I'm not holding my breath.)

1 Nov 2003 - Released a new version of PaleoHack (hosted at and caught up on email.

11 May 2002 - Released experimental branch iRogue 1.1.1 with support for graphical tiles; requires OS 3.5 or later. Tilesets can be created with the dbIcon+ utility (freeware) available from Pimlico Software.

29 March 2002 - Released kMoria 0.15. Mostly bug fixes, a few requested features.



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