Download iLarn

The latest version of iLarn is: 0.25 (alpha). Download it here.

The latest version that was called "stable" (instead of alpha/beta) was 0.20. If you'd rather have that one, you can get it on the file releases page on SourceForge.

Download either version, unzip it, and follow the installation instructions (below, or in the README file). You might also like to read about how to play.

System requirements

Memory: about 160K when no game is in progress; up to 180K, total, when a game has saved some dungeon levels.
OS: 2 or higher. iLarn will not work on a Pilot 1000 or a Pilot 5000. Sorry.


1. You'll see two .prc files, iLarn.prc and iLarnOS2.prc.
If you have OS 3.*, install iLarn.prc.
If you have OS 2.*, install iLarnOS2.prc.
(If you install the wrong one, you will not be able to use the small font.)

2. You must also install iLarnDB.pdb.
(only if you have not already installed an earlier version.)

What if I delete a database?

iLarn will not run without iLarnDB.pdb (which you installed above). If you reinstall a clean copy of iLarnDB.pdb, you will wipe out your top ten list (but it will not hurt your current character). iLarn also creates a database iLarnSaveDB.pdb. If you delete iLarnSaveDB.pdb, you will lose your current character (but it will not affect your top ten list).