iLarn's Town

a supplement to the how to play instructions.

The town

When you start out, you are in the town. We will take a tour of the buildings (skipping the dungeon entrance, which was covered in the play instructions.)

Where to buy all kinds of stuff

[DND entry] [DND stock]

First stop on our tour is the DND Store. This is where you go to buy interesting items (once you have money).

Here we see a partial list of the store's stock. The price (in 'gold pieces') of each item is given on the right. To buy an item, select it on the list and tap "Buy". To see the next page of items available for purchase, tap the "+ >" button (or "< -" to see the previous page.) When you are done, hit "Exit" to return to the town --- this is pretty obvious so it won't be mentioned again.

Where to pay taxes if you ever need to

[LRS entry] [LRS interior]

Next we see the Larn Revenue Service office. This is where you go to pay taxes.

Generally you will not owe taxes until after you have won a game, so this building is of little concern for beginners.

Where to "improve yourself"

[U.Larn] [Course list]

The College of Ularn offers classes in several areas of interest to adventurers. Tuition is reasonable.

Here we see the list of courses currently offered and, on the right, the amount of time in 'mobuls' that each course will suck out of your life leaving you a pathetic withered husk of your former self (can you tell that I should really have been working on my thesis when I wrote this page?)

Where to put your money for safe keeping

[Bank entry] [Sell gem] [Transaction]

Why put those hard-earned gold pieces under the mattress when you can store them in an interest bearing account at the First National Bank of Ularn? Plus no fees for use of ATMs or tellers!

You can also sell gems. Select a gem on your list and tap 'sell' to exchange it for the amount offered on the right.

To deposit or withdraw money, tap 'Transaction'. Write a number in the Amount field. (To save time, if you want to deposit all of your money, hit the '=' equals sign on the left ... if you want to withdraw all of your money, hit the '=' equals sign on the right. This will copy that number into the field.) Tap 'Deposit' to deposit that amount, or 'Withdraw' to withdraw that amount.

Where your sick daughter is

When you have found the McGuffin, er, I mean 'potion of cure dianthroritis', this is where you will need to take it!

[your home] [your quest]

If you don't have the potion yet, you are reminded to scoot off and look for it pronto.

Where not to start out

When you have completed the first dungeon, your quest continues in the volcano. (But feel free to take a peek in when you're starting out... as long as you don't mind dying before you even know what hit you.)

[volcano entry]

In case I didn't make it clear enough, if you are a beginner and fond of your current character, you really should tap "stay here".

Where to sell things that you found lying around

As you wander around, you will probably end up collecting a number of interesting things of varying degrees of usefulness. This is a place where you can sell some of the less interesting or less useful items.

[trading post entry] [item list] [an offer]

Unfortunately (as you may find if you buy an item at the DND store and then sell it here) adventuring equipment tends to depreciate in much the same fashion as computing equipment, that is, immediately and enormously.

To sell an item on the list, first you must select it. A fixed value will be offered for it, which you can accept by tapping 'sell'.

Want spoilers for iLarn?

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