iLarn status

What's new in the alpha/beta version?

The current alpha version is 0.25.

Features and bugfixes in beta version 0.22:

These features were added in beta 0.21:

What's new in the stable version?

The "stable" (== found on PalmGear) version of iLarn is: 0.20.

0.20 included these bug fixes:

How does this game differ from iRogue?

If you have never played Ularn, here are some ways that it is different from Rogue.

You never get hungry, but instead your quest has a time limit (number of moves).

You can't throw things, but you can learn and cast spells.

In addition to "strength" you have the other familiar "intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, charisma" attributes. There are several character classes to choose from, which will determine the initial values of your attributes.

There is a town with shops and a bank and a college. The shops have fixed prices. Your bank account is interest-bearing. Taking a college course can raise one of your attributes.

The dungeon levels are less like a collection of rooms and more like a maze.

Ularn/iLarn 'remembers' the dungeon levels you have been to. If you enter the dungeon, explore some of level 1, then return to the town, when you re-enter the dungeon you will find level 1 just as you have left it.. (except that a few more monsters might have moved in while you were gone). This means that when you have a game in progress, iLarn will tend to take up more space.


Please report any bugs you find and they will be fixed as time permits.

iLarn comes with absolutely no warranty. The worst case for a buggy application is a hard reset which means losing everything since your last backup. Caveat emptor.