Download iRogue

Stable Branch: You can download iRogue 1.0.0 here. Lots of people have played this version. It is the safe(r) way to go.

Development Branch: You can download iRogue 1.1.1 here. This version has newer features, but maybe also more bugs.

Download either version, unzip it, and follow the installation instructions (below, or in the README file). You might also like to read about how to play.

System requirements

Memory: about 120 K, plus about 10 K per save file.
OS: 2 or higher. iRogue will not work on a Pilot 1000 or a Pilot 5000. Sorry.


1. The save database has changed since version 0.41. If your old version predates 0.42, you should delete your old version of iRogue (or at least delete iRogueDB.pdb) before installing newer versions.

2. You'll see two files iRogue.prc and iRogueOS2.prc.
If you have OS 3.*, install iRogue.prc.
If you have OS 2.*, install iRogueOS2.prc.
(If you install the wrong one, you will not be able to use the small font.)