iRogue source code

Where's the source?

Go to the Roguelikes for PalmOS project page on SourceForge. Download the "iRogue module" (it should be listed in the File Releases section).

What do I need to compile it?

I've used prc-tools 2.0. I'm running Linux.

You can get prc-tools from Follow their directions for installation. You will need PilRC as well (version 2.7b or greater).

SDK - The current version of iRogue uses SDK 3.5 or higher (or, in the unlikely event that you want to compile for PalmOS 2.0, SDK 2; to compile for OS 2.0 you will also need to change which definition of CFLAGS is commented-out in the Makefile).

multigen - Since iRogue is large, it has "multiple code resources" and uses multigen. You might want to read about that in the prc-tools documentation.

emulator - The safest place to test software is in a Palm emulator. You will need a ROM image to use it.