iRogue status

What's new in the current version?

Note: iRogue will now use the major.minor.patchlevel version numbering (even minor versions = stable, odd minor versions = development) which seems to be the hip thing to do these days. The latest development version of iRogue is: 1.1.1. The latest stable version of iRogue is: 1.0.0.

What's new in 1.1.1

Support for graphical tiles (currently restricted to OS 3.5 and higher)
This has been requested several times. iRogue can now use 9x10 icons (same as DateBk5 or Action Names) in place of ASCII characters. However, since my artistic ability is negligible, it is up to y'all to create a nice-looking set of tiles (consult the README file in this release for further instructions).

What's new in 1.1.0

These are new features that were not in 1.0.0:

What was new in 1.0.0

(1.0.0 is just 0.47, relabelled. These are the changes since the 0.42 release.)


Please report any bugs you find and they will be fixed as time permits.

iRogue comes with absolutely no warranty. The worst case for a buggy application is a hard reset which means losing everything since your last backup. Caveat emptor.