kMoria source code

Where can I get the source?

Go to the Roguelikes for PalmOS project page on SourceForge. Download the "kMoria module" (it should be listed in the File Releases section).

What do I need to compile it?

I've used prc-tools 2.0. I'm running Linux.

You can get prc-tools from Follow their directions for installation. You will need PilRC as well (version 2.7b or greater).

SDK - The current version of kMoria uses SDK 3.5 or higher. (Versions prior to 0.09 use SDK 3.1, and would need header files changed to compile with anything more recent.)

multigen - Since kMoria is large, it has "multiple code resources" and uses multigen. You might want to read about that in the prc-tools documentation.

emulator - The safest place to test software is in a Palm emulator. You will need a ROM image to use it.