kMoria status

What's new in the current version?

The current version of kMoria is: 0.15

This page will be a little better written when the game is a little more stable. (If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you)

The current version is essentially complete but may still have serious bugs.


what's new in 0.15 since 0.14:

what's new in 0.14 since 0.13:

what's new in 0.13 since 0.12:

what's new in 0.12 since 0.11:

what's new in 0.11 since 0.10:

what's new in 0.10 since 0.09:

what's new in 0.09 since 0.08:

what's new in 0.08 since 0.07: Not much

what was new in 0.07 (since 0.06):

what was new in 0.06 (since 0.05):