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Just like newspapers pile up until eventually they topple over onto the cat. Well, maybe not in your house, but they do in mine. (The new news page is here.) Due to their old news nature, the following remarks may contain broken links or outright lies. Really, I don't know why I keep them around as they can't even be used for wrapping fish.

8 Feb 2004 - Some folks have sent me patches, expect some new versions "soon".
Unless I hear from some folks, the OS 2 support and the Handera support may be "end-of-life"ed in future releases. Send email to i0lanthe@users.sourceforge.net if you care. :-)

1 Nov 2003 - Back in business (with a little help). There's a new version of PaleoHack out and I'll be working on something-or-other here next and catching up on email. slowly. :)

23 May 2003 - What with one thing and another, I haven't been doing any recreational programming for A Long Time, as you can see from the lack of updates. Alas. I hope to get back to it again at some point (and, er, maybe even reply to email while I'm at it). In the meantime for your amusement here are two screenshots of the project that has been occupying me instead.

28 Aug 2002 - (I know, you are all sad that I haven't released a new kMoria yet.) I have been working on PaleoHack though.

11 May 2002 - iRogue 1.1.1 is out with one new feature that is either fabulous or heretical depending on who you talk to. (1.1.x is the current "experimental" branch of iRogue.) The new feature is support for graphical tiles. Currently this is available for OS 3.5 and up. I've tested it on a IIIc, and a couple of grayscale ROMs in the emulator, and nothing dire happened, but no guarantees.
A set of sample tiles is included but you will probably want to revise them yourself. This can be done with the dbIcon+ utility (freeware) available from Pimlico Software. The sample tiles look just like ASCII characters, so if you've been missing DOS, you can make the '@' into a smiley face and touch up a couple other characters to look like old times. Or you can make more drastic / artistic modifications.
The tile feature was "inspired" by DateBk5 (which the dbIcon+ utility is really intended for), a nice shareware application whose proceeds benefit wildlife conservation.

9 May 2002 - Yes, I'm still alive, sheesh. (What? You want to see me release something?)
Here's a port of Hack 1.0.3 that I've had on the back burner since.. hm.. July '01. (Don't get all excited, it's a pre-alpha, and should only be run in POSE.) Due to the oldschoolness of the Hack license, "PaleoHack" is being hosted at BerliOS in its own project (not here in the roguelike-palm project on SourceForge). I figured I should mention it here so that interested folks can find it to bookmark.
(In case you care, the roguelike-palm project has a "green" stylesheet and the PaleoHack project has an "orange like BerliOS" stylesheet so that most people will be able to tell at a glance which site is which; although, ow, I may need to rethink this, that's a really fierce orange.)

29 March 2002 - kMoria 0.15. Mostly bug fixes, a few requested features. Might crash less during farming now (this fix has only been tested in completely rigged situations, so let me know if it works in the field).

12 January 2002 - kMoria 0.14. This is a "new features, new bugs" release. HandEra 330 support. A couple of new preferences. Some more bugs that were introduced in 0.12 are fixed. See the list of changes for more details.

1 January 2002 - kMoria 0.13. This is a minor bugfix release. It fixes a bug introduced in 0.12 and a couple of older deficiencies.

19 December 2001 - To celebrate the U.S. release of Fellowship of the Ring (<saturday night live>It was better than Cats. I'll see it again and again.</snl>), there is a new kMoria release: 0.12. You should read the list of changes, but the one you're probably most interested in is the new "again" command 'g'. This should speed up spell-based combat and door-bashing.
(Color me fanboy but I will be seeing FotR several more times.)
(ok, girl, whatever.)

18 December 2001 - If you're running kMoria light-on-black and don't want to make your own color file from scratch, you can try this one. I don't have a dark-on-white one lying around but if there's demand I could cook one up by next year (heh).
Meanwhile, I should have an unstable release of kMoria out shortly. The "do that again" command is in but I think I'll wait on Handera support til the following release. (Break one thing at a time.. yeah..)

23 October 2001 - StarTool looks prettty cool. The C tool, CStar, might make porting easier.

20 October 2001 - Ok, that was a much longer break than I really intended to take... heh. Hardware Problems, Long Story. So as of this week I now have a new development computer that is incidentally about five zillion times faster than my old dead one (thanks da0g), and I can finally get back to "work". Hooray.

23 August 2001 - Anti-news: There won't be anything new for a bit (I have to finish re-rewriting a talk, then go to Europe for a week - oh the humanity :-) but fear not, sometime in September I will have free time and computer access again and possibly even answer some of the mail that has already been sitting in my inbox for a month (oops).

8 August 2001
Fixed the survey result labels. (Oops.)
Hey, check out this guy's Moria server...

4 August 2001
kMoria 0.11 is out. There are new features that people requested. They have been tested... somewhat. Let me know if anything goes wrong.
Oh, there's also a new survey for no good reason.

11 July 2001
Released kMoria 0.10 real quick to fix a bug introduced in 0.09 (conservation of bug mass: fix many small bugs, create one big bug). Sorry, I really should have caught this one myself.

1? 2? July 2001
iRogue 1.1.0 (dev. branch) - adds HandEra 330 support, in theory, I don't have one myself.
kMoria 0.09 (alpha) - color and button stuff and bug fixes. There are (probably) more bugs to fix and (certainly) more requested features to add, but I think I will take a break for a bit and go play outside in {the sun, traffic} as one's elders used to urge. (Well, not right this minute, since there is neither sun nor traffic at such an hour.)

29 June 2001
Vaporware of the Week because people have been asking what is up.

16 June 2001
I released that iLarn 0.25 alpha. Also, this morning I got kMoria crash "recovery" to work on my new lab rabbit (a discounted Palm IIIc which has now undergone more soft resets before 2 pm than most people see all year), so I have put out an updated version, kMoria 0.08, even though there is nothing else exciting to say about it.

14 June 2001
Not all of the bugs are out of color iLarn, but I think, maybe, the serious new bugs (that you don't really want to hear about) are gone again. I'll try and release an alpha shortly.
There is a very short new survey for iLarn. Go forth, select radio buttons. Meanwhile, I turned off the color survey.
Attn. keyboard users: Not that there are many of us. iLarn has some keyboard shortcuts that are documented. (kMoria also has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that I will "eventually" document. iRogue still doesn't.)

12 June 2001
I did indeed release "stable" iRogue 1.0.0 though I forgot to actually mention that here at the time.
An m505 user has submitted a noninverted (white background) color scheme for folks with a color/nonbacklit screen: get it here (thanks to John Brooks).

30 May 2001
The wiki seems to have been a casualty of the recent minor SourceForge turmoil. I have stuck it into a database this time instead of the file system in the hopes that this will not happen a third time.
I will be updating the iRogue documentation (such as it is) and releasing a "stable" version shortly, which will not actually be any different from "development" version 0.47.

27 April 2001
New release with minor changes: iRogue 0.47, still trying to get the color / black-background combination right. Let me know if it works this time.

2 April 2001
New release: kMoria 0.07, see what's new.
New survey for kMoria users (and prospective users): buttons.

27 March 2001
New release: kMoria 0.06, still in alpha, but with some more bugs fixed.

7 March 2001
iRogue 0.46, another incremental alpha release. New features: inventory can be sorted automatically; color definition can set background color also [in emulator; I'm told 0.45 works better on the real thing, sigh].

26 February 2001
iRogue 0.45 (alpha release) is available if you feel daring. New features: color, "crosshairs". Bugs are likely, as it has not been particularly tested yet (maybe next weekend).

22 February 2001
This is the page for major news, like new releases. There is a wiki page now for minor news, like whether I'm actually working on anything this week.

13 February 2001
(Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday this month.)
The WikiWikiWeb is enabled again. Clean slate. Go scribble on it.

28 January 2001
Here's the most recent round of stuff. I see a great scarcity of free time on the horizon, so expect updates to be more infrequent.

13 January 2001
A beta release of iLarn. 0.21 fixes some bugs and adds "Clone Me" feature. (There is still some work to be done before release of a new 'stable' version.)

12 January 2001
A new release of kMoria. 0.04 is an alpha release with known bugs but implementation pretty much complete.

23 December 2000
kMoria 0.03 released.

12 December 2000
A new survey.

2 December 2000
iLarn 0.20 is on PalmGear. (This version has a couple of minor bug fixes over 0.10.) This will probably result in some new bug reports, eh.
Back to working on kMoria, which is in early alpha: known bugs and missing parts.

17 October 2000
New beta version of iLarn, 0.10. What's New or at least what's new that I remember.

16 oct 2000

The RoguelikePalm WikiWikiWeb is open for free-form discussion, questions, or just wow us with your ascii cows.

12 October 2000
Mostly working on kMoria at present but I did just release iRogue 0.42 (no longer beta) to PalmGear and updated these pages where appropriate.

4 September 2000
New alpha version of iLarn, 0.04, should have fewer bugs and less annoyance than 0.02. I hope. Some known bugs remain.

22 August 2000
iRogue new features are essentially implemented and are now being tested in version 0.42.

15 August 2000
iRogue is getting new features from the surveys. I have added a "bleeding edge" section to the download page.

3 August 2000
iRogue surveys on saving and movement.. tell me what to tinker with next.

25 June 2000
iLarn continues to be "mostly implemented"