iRogue Movement Survey

This survey is about the PalmOS game iRogue, part of the Roguelikes for PalmOS project hosted at SourceForge.

Your author would like to know what style of movement is preferred

To move around, I prefer
tapping on the screen
using hardware buttons
using keyboard (!)

When moving around I prefer
the rogue always stays in the center of the screen, even when exploring the edges of the dungeon (then half the screen might be blank space)
the rogue stays in the center of the screen as much as possible... but not when exploring the dungeon edges
the screen stays still (with the rogue moving around in it) until the rogue is soon going to move out of sight.

In preferences I usually have turned on
running, and following turns (also known as dave-mode)
just running

The font used to display the dungeon could be smaller. If a smaller font is offered, more of the dungeon is visible, but of course it takes longer to redraw the screen. So maybe the "rogue stays in center" preference (which requires more frequent total redrawing) will be ignored when a small font is used.

My preferred font size is
The normal font that is currently used
A smaller font, such as the one used in iLarn.

For movement by tapping: Some people have expressed that the "donut" movement system is difficult. (In this system the direction of movement is determined by where you tap, relative to the center of the screen. It is independent of the position of the rogue.) Another movement system that could be offered as a preference is rogue-relative (the direction is determined by where you tap, relative to the location of your rogue '@').

My preferred movement system would be
Relative to center of screen (the current donut system)
Relative to location of rogue


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