iRogue (etc) Color Survey

This survey is about the PalmOS games (such as iRogue) that are part of the Roguelikes for PalmOS project hosted at SourceForge.

A few people have been asking whether there will be a future color version. This depends a great deal on user demand. I don't have a color device to test on, and don't plan to get one in the foreseeable future, thus I will not attempt color unless I hear some wild impassioned pleas.
(Of course I wouldn't object if someone wanted to give me a Prism. Yeah, right.)

(Yo, if you don't have color, we still want to hear from you. Even if you just mark "don't care" on all the other questions.)

Have a color PalmOS device?
No, and I never plan to get one!
No, but I want to get one soon.
I take the 5th.
Yes, but I'm getting rid of it.
Yes, and I'll be sticking with color!

Most probably, a color version would be made available in parallel with the regular b/w version (as the OS 2.x version is, for different reasons) so that non-color people would not see an increase in program size.

Want a color version of iRogue / iLarn / kMoria / whatever?
No; even if I have color I don't see the point!
Maybe, but only if it were done in the way that I particularly want it
Yes, any addition of color would be neat, I'm not picky
Santa please bring me 256-color iRogue and a pony!

How many colors would be distinct and useful?
Don't want color / don't care
1 (plus "black" and "white")
2 (plus "black" and "white")
4 (plus "black" and "white")
16 (plus "black" and "white")
256 (plus "black" and "white")
Bring it on, I can distinguish as many colors as you care to use

Colors could be either pre-set (e.g. monsters are always red), or user-configurable (you decide whether all monsters are red, orange, yellow,..or violet; or maybe you can set different types of monster to different colors). Too much of this would be a pain in the butt for both of us, if you ask me.

I want to be able to set the colors for
Don't want color / don't care
Hey, I just want to be able to turn color "on" and "off".
Objects (meaning non-animate things) - so I can make all objects be khaki
Monsters - so I can make all monsters be chartreuse
Objects and monsters - I can make objects orange and monsters maroon
Kinds of objects - I can make walls blue, scrolls red, armors green; if it has its own symbol (#?[) it gets its own color
Kinds of monsters - I can make goblins green, kobolds red, hobgoblins blue; if it has its own letter (GKH) it gets its own color
Kinds of objects, kinds of monsters, however fine a degree of control you can think of - I want it

If you have some thoughts that are not covered in this survey you can send email, or write your idea on the WikiWiki (a set of web pages that anyone can modify without knowing any html). (But submit this survey first - these links are on the next page too.)


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