iLarn 4-button-form Survey

This survey is about the PalmOS game iLarn, part of the Roguelikes for PalmOS project hosted at SourceForge.

When you walk onto a "thing" in iLarn, a little form pops up with 2, 3, or 4 buttons on it. Here are some examples of the little form...
[2 buttons] [3 buttons] [4 buttons]
(generic item, building entrance, stairs) (chest, book, fountain) (altar, potion, scroll)

Some of these forms have a "take it" button. It is always in the top row. But... Some forms have it on the left, and some on the right. The question of the day is, should the "take it" button be in the same place for all forms (and, if so, which place).

Your preference is
I really don't care. Go ahead and change stuff (just this once) if other people want that.
I like things exactly the way they are shown above, and might be a little upset if they are changed.
I care about consistency across all of the forms. The Generic Item (which has two buttons, "take" and "ignore") should have its "take" button move to the right, directly above the "ignore" button. That way, all of the "take" buttons will be on the upper right (and only that form will change).
I care about consistency across all of them. However, I want all of the "take" buttons to be on the upper left. This way, although some other forms will have to change, the Generic Item form will still look the same (and will match the other two-button forms).

(Why do the two-button forms look like that? With the buttons far apart they may be easier to hit right in a moving vehicle (ask a silly question, ...))

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